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Welcome to the Kang Do Won Martial Arts Institute
                  & Website...Located in Wickliffe, Ohio since 1985
                  and Inducted into the International Karate &
                  Kickboxing Hall of Fame in 1987. Grand Master Lewis
                  has been teaching Traditional martial arts and a
                  comprehensive system of self-defense since 1971.

            The Sixteen Principles of the Kang Do Won


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The following principles are recited by all students before every class:

Shim-Shin-Soo-Ree-Un - To Train the mind and body
In-Eh - Patience
Guk-Gee - Discipline
Jung-Shin-Tong-Il - Concentration
Gee-Um Sun - Modesty
Jon Gee-On - Respect
Shin Nee-Um - Confidence
Mook Nee-Um - Meditation
Yong-Gee - Courage
Jung Oo-Ee - Justice
Pee-Yung Hwa - Peace
Sung-Lee - Victory
Mee-Yung Yeh - Honor
Shin-Yong - Trust
Choong-Sung - Loyalty
Don Gee-Il - I trust you, respect you and will help you.


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