November 21, 1998, the Eastern U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association's International Black Belt Hall of Fame awarded Richard J. Lewis 'Grand Master of the Year' and May 1, 1999 awarded Grand Master Lewis the highly coveted 'Pinnacle Award of Success'.

                to the Kang Do Won Martial Arts Institute &
                Website...Located in Wickliffe, Ohio since 1985 and
                Inducted into the International Karate & Kickboxing
                Hall of Fame in 1987. Grand Master Lewis has been
                teaching Traditional martial arts and a comprehensive
                system of self-defense since 1971.

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Grand Master Richard J. Lewis...
   Grand Master Lewis holds the ranks of 8th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate), 4th Degree Black Belt in Sun Do (Korean art of breathing, meditation and concentration) and 3rd Degree Black Belt in Bong-Sool (full contact fighting with a 6' staff). While the majority of American Masters are certified only here in the U.S.A. by another individual or organization, Grand Master Lewis is one of a minority of American martial artists to merit certification as an International Master Black Belt from the Kuk Ki Won, located in Seoul, Korea. Richard was chosen by his teacher, Korean Grand Master Dong Hi Choi, to succeed him after his death, which occurred on November 8, 1989, and become Grand Master and President of Moo Do Won/USA (United States Martial Arts Center).
   Grand Master Lewis began his martial arts career in 1964 and has been teaching since 1970. He founded the Kang Do Won Martial Arts Institute in 1984, which has been at it's current location in Wickliffe, Ohio, since 1985. Kang Do Won is Korean and translated means "School of Inner Strength," indicating that the educational focus is on positive personal growth, healthy character development and behavioral modification, which is how the true quality and inner strength of all human beings is nurtured.

   Grand Master Lewis offers the following at the Kang Do Won:

       - men, women and children traditional martial arts instruction...
             positive personal growth, healthy character development, behavioral modification
             and effective self-defense skills training.

       - men, women and children self-defense classes... practical application self-defense training and personal safety education.                      
       - Strive to Survive Self-Defense & Assault Prevention Seminars...           
          1 - 3 hour hands on, self-defense class and lecture for men, women or children.
       - Strive to Survive Kids Self-Defense Program...
             progressive, age appropriate, self-defense and personal safety courses.
       - Strive to Survive Adult Self-Defense Program...
             progressive, practical application, self-defense and personal safety courses.

       - Kang Do Warriors Competition and Demonstration Team...
             entertaining and educational, fast paced, martial arts performances.

       - American Warrior Traditional Martial Arts Tournament...
             which he promotes and directs, and is open to all ages, schools and martial art styles.

   Grand Master Lewis created the traditional martial art 'Kang Do', which translated means "Inner Strength Way." His personal definition of the term "traditional martial art" is... "any martial art that primarily focuses on the development of the most important part of the human condition... inner strength, which is comprised of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-
respect, discipline, determination, honor and courage." This inner development and strengthening is absolutely essential because without it, physical skills are severely impaired, and most often useless when experiencing the debilitating effects of fear. With exception to those rare few, who have suppressed fear through intensive, specialized training, fear is a common human emotion that is experienced by all. The fact that a person feels fear does not make him/her weak, just human. However, a person experiencing fear who becomes emotionally overwhelmed and physically paralyzed is weak and a prime candidate for victimization. As it applies to a self-defense situation, fear is a poison, which not dealt with properly, can result in disaster. Inner strength is the antidote for poisonous fear. This antidote does not make the fear mysteriously disappear, it simply empowers an individual to override it's negative effects and enable a more effective and productive performance during fearful stress.  
   Of secondary importance, 'Kang Do' is comprised of the following physical characteristics and technical skills:
   - soft and hard, circular and linear defensive and offensive techniques
   - defensive and striking techniques utilizing all parts of the body equally as combat circumstances require
   - distant and close (body contact) defense skills
   - ground impact defensive techniques (break falls and rolls)
   - ground impact offensive techniques (sweeps, trips, reaps & throws)
   - ground fighting and grappling skills
   - pressure points, locks, counters, chokes and submission techniques
   - weapon defense skills
   - education and training in the use of 11 different martial art weapons
   Grand Master Lewis is one of a rare and vanishing breed of martial artists who believe that martial art is primarily a philosophy... or way of life, that inspires total human growth and development, not destruction. He teaches in a very structured, strict and disciplined manner and demands maximum focus and effort from his students. At the same time, when appropriate, Grand Master Lewis makes sure that his students have fun and enjoy the education and training process.
   In addition, he is one of the few masters who has written and published an educational text for his students. His unique, traditional meth
od of teaching truly nurtures the development and improvement of all the attributes listed in The Sixteen Principles of the Kang Do Won, in each and every one of his students, whether they be young or old.

Martial art is not what GML does... it's who he is.                          
Senior Master Gary M.
  On July 1, 2015, Grand Master Lewis transferred ownership of the Kang Do Won Martial Arts Institute, directorship of the American Warrior Martial Arts Tournament, the Presidency of Moo Do Won/USA and sole educational responsibility and authority for all of the above to his son, Senior Master Gary M. Hotchkiss, 7th Degree Black Belt (pictured to the right).
On that same date, he officially retired after 51 years in the martial arts and 31 years of service to our community through the Kang Do Won Martial Arts Institute and American Warrior Martial Arts Tournament.

Grand Master Richard J. Lewis
                                      Demonstrating personal power by
                                      Breaking ten 1" inch boards
                                      with a Knife Hand Strike
  Richard J. Lewis breaking ten boards
  with a knife-hand strike.


Martial Arts Lineage

 Gichin Funakoshi
The Father of modern day 'Karate-Do'
Creator of the martial art 'Shotokan'

Byung Chik Ro
Student of Gichin Funakoshi
Founder of the martial art 'Sang Moo Kwan'

Dong Hi Choi
Student of Byung Chik Ro
Founder and past President of the 'Moo Do Won/USA'

Richard J. Lewis
Student of Sang Oh Moon
Student of Dong Hi Choi
Founder of the 'Kang Do Won Martial Arts Institute'
Past President of the 'Moo Do Won/USA'
Creator of the 'American Warrior Martial Arts Tournament'
Creator of the martial art 'Kang Do'
Retired July 1, 2015

Gary M. Hotchkiss
Son and Student of Richard J. Lewis
Owner and Head Master of the 'Kang Do Won'
President of the 'Moo Do Won/USA'
Director of the 'American Warrior Martial Arts Tournament'


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