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   While training at the Kang Do Won, students learn and develop many life skills... physical, mental and spiritual. Our students are taught how to deal with stress and adversity. They learn ways to defuse potentially hostile or violent situations in a non-violent manner - (learning to fight so they do not have to fight). Most importantly, Kang Do Won students train and study hard in order to grow and evolve so as to reach their full potential as happy, healthy and successful individuals. Included on this page is information about the team and pictures of team members who are extraordinary examples of the achievement of their personal potential... students who have "Dared to be Better!" through traditional martial arts instruction and self-defense training at the Kang Do Won Martial Arts Institute.

'Kang Do Warriors'


Kang Do Won
Martial Arts Institute
Where 'Champions of Life'
are Forged!

Senior Master Gary M. Hotchkiss
7th Degree Black Belt

1269 E. 305th St., Wickliffe, OH 44092

(440) 943-2900

"At the Kang Do Won...
average people
become extraordinary!"

About the Team....

   The Kang Do Warriors Competition and Demonstration Team is comprised of approximately 5-10 students of the Kang Do Won Martial Arts Institute located in Wickliffe, Ohio. The team members range in age from 4 years old to middle age, ranking from intermediate, to advanced level and various degrees of black belt. The team manager and head coach is Master Judeth M. Lewis, 6th Degree Black Belt in Kang Do and is assisted by Senior Master Gary Hotchkiss, 7th Degree Black Belt and Master Elizabeth Cintron, 5th Degree Black Belt.

Master Judeth M. Lewis

Focus of the Presentation...

    Topically, our program stresses the importance of the development of inner strength, which is a combination of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, determination and courage. These are the essential qualities that aid individuals in making wise and healthy life choices... decisions which ultimately lead to personal success and health in body, mind and spirit.

Senior Master Gary M. Hotchkiss executing a flying side kick while jumping over
several students during a
demonstration at a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

"Come Join Us on a Healthy Path to Greatness!"

Our Audience...

    The team performs for youth groups, adult or adult/children gatherings, school or church family nights, scouting and various social club meetings, P.T.U. meetings, recovery groups help meetings, festivals and fairs, student body gatherings, and other social events.







Where We Perform...

   The majority of our programs are given in the Lake, Geauga, and eastern Cuyahoga County areas. The space required for a presentation can range from a large meeting room to a gymnasium. When weather permits, the program may also take place outdoors on a flat, smooth surfaced area.

The Demonstration...

    We offer a choice of two presentations - either 30 minutes or 15 minutes in length. Each presentation begins with a brief address by Master Judeth M. Lewis. Our Demonstration Team then performs an exciting program of martial arts skills, ranging from beginner to advanced and black belt level - including self-defense, form, weapons (nunchaku, sai, kama, fan, whip chain, tonfa, cane, Kali sticks, bat'leth, katana (Japanese sword) & bo/wooden staff) as well as fighting and board breaking demonstrations. The program is set to music in a fast-paced, non-stop format.

(440) 943-2900
Call and book an exciting, entertaining and educational demonstration for your organization!

Master Judeth M. Lewis with her son and daughter, team coaches
Senior Master Gary Hotchkiss and Master Elizabeth Cintron.


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