One of the few remaining Traditional and Educational Martial Arts Tournaments where Character and Behavior are as important as Physical Skill.

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Form & Weapon Form Competition

     Form & Weapon Form competitions shall be judged based on the Elements, rank, age and quality of content.....NOT comparison of content. Competitors will not be penalized because the form they are performing was taught to them differently than the way the Judge(s) may teach the same form. Competitors will be judged on the quality of the content of their performance, based on the Elements. Music is not permitted.
Note : For all divisions in which competitors utilize weapons in their performances :
     Dropping a weapon during a performance shall result in a mandatory Performance Score of 0. Competitors must offer their weapon(s) to the Chief Judge for inspection. Failure to do so results in an ETIQUETTE Element Score deduction of 1 point. Refusal to offer weapons for inspection results in disqualification.


Synchronized Team Form Competition

     Synchronized Team Form is performed by teams comprised of two or more competitors, with or without weapons. Each team performs the same form (of their choice) simultaneously and are graded the same as in Form & Weapon form competition, including teamwork and synchronization of movements. The percentage of any non-synchronization will equal the percentage of lowered Technique Element score. Music is not permitted.
Note : In the Synchronized Team Form Divisions, ALL participants compete for medals.


Interactive Combat Form Competition

     Interactive Combat Form is performed by teams comprised of two or more competitors, who create a two minute maximum combat scenario, with or without weapons and act it out interactively in a safe and controlled manner. Competitors are judged by the same criteria as Form & Weapon Form above, including...timing, control, choreography and realistic showmanship. If needed, mats will be available for this competition event. Music is not permitted.
Note : In the Interactive Combat Form Divisions, ALL participants compete for medals.

-  Judging Policy  -

1. Competitor's performances in Judging Panel Divisions are broken down into the
                following five (5) judging/performance elements :

                        Element 1 - APPEARANCE
                        Element 2 - SPIRIT
                        Element 3 - TECHNIQUE
                        Element 4 - APPLICATION
                        Element 5 - ETIQUETTE

For more detailed information about the preceding Performance Elements see the
   American Warrior Behavior & Performance Requirements

Each of the preceding Elements of a competitor's performance is scored numerically by each Judge,
 based on the following Judging Point Scale:

0 = Not Acceptable      1 = Poor     2 = Fair     3 = Good     4 = Very Good     5 = Excellent
     At the end of each performance, all five Elemental scores are then added together by each Judge and that total becomes the competitor's Performance Score (each competitor has the potential to achieve a possible high Performance Score of 25 from each Judge). The Chief Judge then waits for each Judge to announce that he/she has calculated the Performance Score for the respective competitor, at which point the Chief Judge directs the judging panel to voice their scores to the scorekeeper.
     With 3 Judges, all three Performance Scores are totaled. With 5 Judges, the high and low Performance Scores are dropped and the remaining three are totaled by the scorekeeper to establish the competitor's Competition Score. Each competitor has the potential to achieve a possible high Competition Score of 75. The highest Competition Score is awarded 1st Place and so on.
     In the event of a tie, the highest of the three low Performance Scores first, and then the highest of the three high Performance Scores shall break the tie. If still tied, the highest of the low, then highest of the high of any dropped scores shall break the tie. If the tie cannot be broken numerically, the Chief Judge will call for a show of hands, by which each Judge compares the Performance Score he/she gave to each of the tied competitors. The highest score breaks the tie. In the event the Performance Scores for each of the tied competitors are identical, then the Element Scores are compared. The competitor with the greater number of 5's is the winner. If still tied, then the greater number of 4's, then 3's, 2's, and finally 1's.

      Failure to report to the designated ring within two (2) minutes after the competitor's name has been announced on the public address system shall result in disqualification.

IN DIVISIONS WITH A SINGLE COMPETITOR, that competitor shall compete and perform for a Competition Score from the judges. The appropriate award shall be based on the following range of scores :
Over 59 = 1st Place 45 to 59 = 2nd Place Under 45 = 3rd Place

Based on the availability of Black Belts, there will be either three (3) or five (5) Judges in each ring, one of which will be the Chief Judge.

The Chief Judge is responsible for management of the Judging Panel
, will be the only person on the Judging Panel to communicate with the scorekeeper and will consult with the Chief Referee if a question or dispute can not be resolved within the ring.


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