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The Kang Do Won Martial Arts Institute offers a Kang Do Tai Chi Exercise Class on Saturday mornings from 8:00am to 9:00am. This class is instructed by Bob Soeder. The class size is limited to 30 students and is taken on a month-to-month basis for a small monthly fee. Uniforms are not required for this class. Students may wear casual, loose fitting, comfortable clothing with bare feet or clean tennis shoes.

What is Kang Do Tai Chi?
The original Chinese art is called Tai Chi Chuan, the literal translation of which is “Grand Ultimate Fist.” Tai Chi Chuan is the full name of the art that many people simply refer to as “Tai Chi.” There are actually two separate philosophies, or aspects, represented in this name. The first, “Tai Chi," refers to the internal, philosophical and physiological aspect of the art. The second, “Chuan," refers to the aspect that is combative martial art. In modern society most people practice “Tai Chi,” deriving from it many physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Less studied is the fighting component (“Chuan”) of the art. Kang Do Tai Chi  is a Kang Do Won variation of Tai Chi Chuan, which is taught with the focus on the internal aspect, and as a therapeutic, physical exercise, not as an art form. The words 'Kang Do' ("Inner Strength Way"), in 'Kang Do Tai Chi,' signify that difference. 

What are the benefits of Kang Do Tai Chi Exercise?
    Kang Do Tai Chi exercise has benefits for body, mind and spirit. Through gentle and fluid movement, the flow of "Chi" is greatly improved. This flow of energy promotes health and healing in the body and reduces stress. The reduction of stress improves focus and mental health. The resulting balance of mind and body produces the foundation of spiritual well-being. Also, Kang Do Tai Chi is a no impact activity that is non-injurious to the joints and musculature of the body, making it a very anatomically friendly exercise that is beneficial to people of all ages. One of the greatest advantages of Kang Do Tai Chi is that no athletic ability is required to participate and benefit from this exercise.

What is Chi?
    The word “Chi” (aka... 'Ki' in Japanese and Korean or 'Qi'... as an alternate spelling in Chinese), when translated from Chinese, means “energy." For the purposes of this class, we will define Chi as the intrinsic/internal energy of life... the bioelectrical current that flows through the body. The pathways or routes through which Chi flows are called "meridians." Certain meridians help to control or nurture specific organs and bodily functions. Each particular form or exercise practiced in class targets specific meridians which again promote health, healing and well-being.

How Do I Register for Class?
    Again, the class size is limited to 30 students on a first-come basis. While the class is progressive (built upon weekly), first time students are more than welcome and will quickly derive many benefits from Kang Do Tai Chi classes.
   For further information contact Senior Master Gary M. Hotchkiss at (440) 943-2900 or by email  at


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