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   Would  you  be  paralyzed...  or  ENERGIZED?

   When faced with adversity or fear, you
cannot afford to become paralyzed
because it most certainly will result in failure, or worse, injury or death. Instead, with proper training, you can become energized and greatly enhance your chances of success or survival.
   In an effort to help individuals be energized, rather than paralyzed when confronted with adversity or fear, the Kang Do Won Martial Arts Institute offers the 'Strive to Survive' Self-Defense & Assault Prevention Seminar and the 'Strive to Survive' Self-Defense Program for men, women and children at various host facilities in the community.

'Strive to Survive' Self-Defense & Assault Prevention Seminar  is a one time, 1 to 3 hour class that consists of physical participation and lecture. It was created in 1986 by Grand Master Richard J. Lewis and since that date has been taught to thousands of men, women and children. The seminars are taught by Master Judeth M. Lewis, 6th Degree Black Belt, with the assistance of Kang Do Won instructors. Lecture and informational content of the seminar is tailored to the ages of the participants, which range from 4 years of age to adult.  Seminar content and details are outlined below.

   Grand Master Lewis also created the
'Strive to Survive' Self-Defense Program which is a progressive chain of Courses that consist of physical training in the basics and fundamentals of the traditional, eclectic martial art, 'Kang Do', and their application to actual self-defense. Each Course runs 4 consecutive weeks with 1 hour classes that are held once each week. The total curriculum for the 'Strive to Survive' Self-Defense Program is broken down and divided into 1 hour educational lessons, each of which is connected to the next lesson, forming a progressive, educational chain. One lesson is taught in each class, totaling four lessons for each Course.
   Student achievement records are kept by the instructor to track
each student's progress and the acquisition of educational credits, which are earned and accumulated by each student and may be applied toward rank achievement in the Kang Do Won Traditional Martial Arts Program. Transferring to formal, traditional training at the Kang Do Won home school is purely optional and is open to all 'Strive to Survive' Self-Defense Program students at any time. Upon completion of the first Course, a graduate may then enroll in another Course, which consists of new, educationally progressive material. Students wear loose fitting, casual clothing and tennis shoes, or may participate in bare feet.
'Strive to Survive' Self-Defense Program is offered in
the following two classifications :
'Kids Self-Defense'.......... 12 years of age & younger

'Adult Self-Defense'......... 13 years of age & older
Course Cost........ $40.00 per student (plus hosting facility fee)

The 'Strive to Survive' Self-Defense Program can be taught at any facility with sufficient space. Call Master Hotchkiss for current locations offering the 'Strive to Survive' Self-Defense Program or for information on how you can acquire the 'Strive to Survive' Self-Defense Program for your facility or organization.


'Strive to Survive'
Self-Defense & Assault Prevention Seminar

Overview & Participation Details:

        Content :
                  1.   Introduction

                  2.   Lecture
                       a)   Six 'A's of Self-Defense

b)   Personal Safety
                       c)   Personal Health Choices
                             1)   Smoking
                             2)   Alcohol
                             3)   Drugs
                             4)   Nutrition
                             5)   Exercise
                       d)   Self-Defense Tactics
                             1)   Vision (avoidance)
                             2)   Mental (think)

                             3)   Verbal (talk)
                             4)   Physical (walk-run-defend-fight)
                       e)   Psychology of Assault

                 3.   Demonstrations (given by seminar instructors)
                       a)   Distant Assault
                       b)   Close (contact) Assault
                       c)   Offensive Power Potential

                 4.   Individual and Interactive Physical Training
                       a)   Warm-Up

b)   Foundation and Stance
                       c)   Defensive Tools

                       d)   Shout
                       e)   Offensive Tools

                       f)    Four Primary Defense and Attack Zones
                       g)   Six Primary Attack Targets
                       h)   Pressure Points
                       i)    Distant Assault Situations
                       j)    Close Assault Situations

        Length of Seminar :
        1 - 3  Hours

        Location :
        The seminar may be held at the Kang Do Won or a location of your choice with sufficient space.

        Number of Participants :
        At the Kang Do Won.......... 40 people
        Optional location................ Dependant upon available space

         Clothing :
         Casual, loose fitting clothes. Tennis shoes or bare feet.

         Cost :
         Dependent upon location and length of the seminar.

         Conditions :
         We reserve the right to hand out educational and promotional material to the participants.

         Persons to Contact :
         Senior Master Gary M. Hotchkiss or Master Judeth M. Lewis - (440) 943-2900



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